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Miller Thunderbolt XL AC/DC

Miller Thunderbolt XL Ac/Dc comes complete with: 15′ #4 electrode cable with heavy duty electrode holder. 10′ work cable with clamp, Power cable with 230 V plug. 30 day SD Nold Warranty. Like new condtion. $800

Amperage Range
AC Low: 30 – 150 A
AC High: 40 – 300 A
DC: 30 – 200 A

  • Infinite current control allows the
    operator to adjust output by as little
    as one-amp increments.
  • Output selector switch allows you
    to quickly select AC, DCEP or DCEN
    without adjusting the output leads.
  • Accu-Set™ amperage indicator
    provides precise heat control with
    infinite amperage control.
  • High DC weld output. Up to 150 amps
    available at 20 percent duty cycle.
    The Thunderbolt 300 AC/200 DC has
    20 percent more DC output than
    competitive products.
  • High 100 percent duty cycle rating.
    100 amps AC, 65 amps DC.

SDNold Inc.