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Frontier 400X Pipe (Perkins) Engine Driven Welder $18,100




Miller PipePro W/Wireless Interface Remote


Big Blue 400 Pro

Big Blue 400 Pro

Same features as the PipePro except Rhino lined roof, and water temp gauge. Rectangular engine access door, and arc reach. Stocking 3 models.

907732 Miller Pro 400 W/ Kubota $19,187
907733 Miller Pro 400 W/ Mitsubishi $19,218
907733001 Miller Pro 400 W/ Mitsubishi and Arc Reach $20,041

Miller Pipe Pro 400 and Miller Pro 400 Differences


Lincoln SAE300MP w/ 3 cyl. Kubota Engine

  • K4090-1 Gray (remote optional) $22,050
  • K4090-2 Gray with wireless remote   $24,200



K3202-1: SAE 300 HE (PERKINS): $22,700

K3198-1: CLASSIC HE (KUBOTA): $22,100


K4089-2 & K4166-3 Stainless Steel SAE-300 MP & Cross Country 300 w/ Wireless Remote

Two of Lincoln's Finest and Newest Welding Packages
  • K4089-2: SS SAE-300 MP w/ Wireless Remote $24,400
  • [ccgef_financing price="22200"]
  • K4166-3: SS Cross Country 300 w/ Wireless Remote $21,650
  • Start, Stop and Adjust Welder Amps Up To 400' Away!
300x300300x300-00012098300x300 (1) Stop In and Test Weld Today!

K4089-1 – Gray SAE-300 MP with Perkins Engine –

One of Lincoln's Finest and Newest Welding Packages:
  • K4089-1: SS SAE-300 MP $21,650

K4263-1 Classic 300 MP with Perkins Engine – $21,500

  • 5 Tap (gears) Selector Switch
  • Arc Force
K4089-1 welder

Lincoln Vantage 322 Now $16,250!

Call us today to order yours! (330) 424-3134

Key Features of Vantage 322 K2409-5

The quiet, compact Vantage® 322 is an ideal choice for construction teams, pipe rig owners and rental fleet managers.

  • 1 Phase and 3 Phase Power
  • Output Range: 40-300A Pipe
  • 20-250A DC Tig
  • 14-32 V CV
  • Stainless steel panels offer added durabillity
  • Select one of five welding process modes
  • Plenty of AC Generator power
  • Tier 4 Final Kubota® diesel engine
Vantage 322 Sale Info Here

LOOK!! LOW, LOW Cable Prices!

Orange Ultra-Flex 250' Cable Spools in STOCK!

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.42.40 PM

Price: 250' of 1/0 $1,062.50

Price: 250' of 2/0: $1,212.50


Lincoln Cross Country Welders in Stock!!


Used Welders – Pipeline Engine Driven

Best Selection!
See our used welders and bargains we have right now!
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Lincoln Square Wave Tig 200

Square Wave TIG 200
K5126-1 Price: $2,299

Lincoln 300 and SAE-300 Deals with Remote Controls

Lincoln Electric Offering New Engine-Driven Welder Wired and Wireless Remote Control Models

For the Cross Country 300 and SAE-300 MP:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.46.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 12.41.21 PM
  1. (Gray Remote on Top): Generous 125 ft. cable, Detachable Control Box can be stowed in your truck or job box, Customizable MIN/MAX Range is easy to set in seconds, K4268-1 model includes a 115V AC Auxiliary Power duplex receptacle
  2. (Orange Remote on Bottom): Small, weather-resistant remote fits right in your hand, 400 ft. range, depending on obstructions, Activate the glow plug anywhere from 1-30 seconds, Start or stop the engine, Activate high or low idle, Change the Fine Current Control output for stick welding.

Cross Country 300 Package Deals:

K4166-7: Gray Cross Country 300 (K4166-1) w/ 125 ft. Remote: $20,900

K4166-2: Gray Cross Country 300 (K4166-1) w/ Wireless Remote: $21,000

K4166-3: Stainless Steel Cross Country 300 (K4166-3) w/ Wireless Remote: $21,650

SAE-300 MP Package Deals:

K4089-2: Stainless Steel SAE-300 MP (K4089-1) w/ Wireless Remote: $24,400




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