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Lincoln Pipeline Welding Supplies

Lincoln Welding Rod (For Pipeliners)

welding rod
Fleetweld 5P   AWS: E6010

*Excellent for welding on rusty, greasy, dirty or painted steel. 

*Works great in vertical/overhead applications.

Fleetweld 5P+  AWS: E6010

*Great for steel not perfectly clean.

*Works best for pipeline welding, and vertical-up and overhead plate welding.

*Popular for operators who deal with cross-country and in-plant pipe welding.

Shield Arc HYP+  AWS: E7010-G or E-7010P1

*Specifically used for all passes of API 5LX-52 through X-65 high strength pipe.

*Provides welder with a clean, visible weld puddle and outstanding puddle control.

Shield Arc 85  AWS: E7010-A1

*Produces a 70,000 psi, 1/2% molybdenum weld deposit for use on 1/2% molybdenum pipe steels and API 5LX-42 through X-56 line pipe.

Shield Arc 90  AWS: E9010-G

*All-position pipe electrode that’s a great choice when the task is vertical down welding on API 5LX-70 through X-80 pipe. 

*Performs well in situations where low hydrogen processes are not practical, and when welding on dirty steels.

Pipeliner 6P+  AWS: E6010

*Recommended for root pass welding in vertical up or vertical down welding positions of up to X80 grade pipe as well as hot, fill and cap pass welding of up to X60 grade pipe. 

*Great for all position pipe welding.

Excalibur 7018 MR  AWS: E7018 H4R

*Excellent choice for jobs that involve steel with poor weldability.

Operators love: the clean puddle

                             the square coating burnoff 

                             the easy all-position handling & 

                             the excellent wash-in characteristics.

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