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Lincoln Cross Country 300

In Stock! – Lincoln Cross Country 300 – Why it’s an excellent welder!!

Ed Chalfant explains the features that make the Lincoln Cross Country 300 welder an excellent choice.


A Diesel Powered Welder for Professional Pipeline Welders

Lincoln Cross Country 300

Lincoln Cross Country 300


Pipeliners: Come in and test weld the New Lincoln Cross Country 300!!

Inspired by S. D. Nold as to what Pipeliners wanted in a welder – Lincoln listened and it’s now here!!!

1) It’s ALL about the ARC! Superb arc characteristics!
2) Small footprint saves space in truck bed!
3) Low to profile so you can see out your back window!
4) Easy to use with dual controls.
5) Welds stick, wire and tig processes – all excellent!
6) Generator for grinders and travel trailers – 10,000 Watt!

Included with the purchase of a Lincoln Cross Country 300, Lincoln SAE-300 MP or Lincoln Classic 300 MP:

A Free Lincoln Jacket!!!
A $375.00 Value – With Free Shipping in the Continental United States!!!
or Free loadbanking if you pick it up at our location!
Call SDNold at 800-767-0276 for all the details! or come in and test weld the Lincoln Cross Country 300!

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