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Welder Repairs

State of the Art Welding Machine Repair Shop


Our welding repair shop is brand new and capable of handling repairs for most Miller and Lincoln Welders.

Depending on the size of your welding machine, they can be placed on a table top, on a bench,  hydraulic cart, or self contained apparatus.

We can hook up 115 v 200 amp single phase up to 480 v, three phase power to your welder.

Typically, we like to start by removing the sheet metal with a battery powered impact wrench.  Once that is done, we take the unit outside if possible and blow them out with compressed air to create a clean work environment.  

If we can’t use the customers power cord, we put our own on and power it up. 

Print of schematic of the unit and start troubleshooting the hardware.

Sometimes the problems are obvious, sometimes not.  Judd’s expertise is extremely valuable in situations like these.

Depending on the severity of the problem, welders can be fixed either in a day, or perhaps a week.  This all depends on how well the welder holds up in your environment.


Judd M. in the new, state of the art welding repair shop front office.  He is working on the internet, ordering welding parts and supplies before the start of his day.

He routinely looks up the parts breakdown and wiring schematics for the repairs he has scheduled.

He goes through the troubleshooting section of the welders owners manual

Judd has over 25 years experience in the welding business. 


All repairs are done in house.  Feel free to ask for Jay or Judd to discuss the type of welder you have that needs to be fixed.

We run a very clean and efficient welding facility.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. 

For all of you welding repairs and supplies, give us a try.  You will be glad you did.



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