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Miller Pipeline Welding

Welcome Pipeline Welders.

S. D. Nold, Inc. is here to help meet your unique welding needs.



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Come in to our shop and test weld!  Serious inquirers only please.


S. D. Nold, Inc. and the Local 798 Welders of the Pipeline Union look at the Miller PIPE PRO 350 in West Virginia.


S. D. Nold, Inc. and assoicate were on hand demonstrating for the Local 798 team.

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Miller Rep and Local 798 welder discuss the PIPE PRO 350.


The Miller rep and Local 798 Pipeline helper set up the demonstration.

Miller Big Blue 400 Pipe Pro


Quiet Operation Powered by Mitsubishi 24.4 HP @ 1850 RPM Water-Cooled, 4-Cylinder Diesel.  20-400 Amp DC Welding Current, 12-40 Volt CV DC Welding Current & 12,000 Watt Generator.

907805001 Sale Price: $28,681

907805 With Stainless Steel Appearance Pkg: $30,257

SDNold Inc.