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Miller Big Blue 400 Pipe Pro

Great Price!

Miller Big Blue 400 PipePro

907805 Sale Price – Stainless: $30,257

The Difference Between the Miller PipePro 400 and Miller Pro 400:

FEATURES of the Miller PipePro 400:

Output Range:
DC Stick/DC Tig: 20-400 A
FCAW/MIG: 14-40 V

Generator Output Rated:
12,000 Watts Peak, 10,000 Watts Continuous

Runs on the Mitsubishi Engine!

  • Digital Meters enable welding parameters to be viewed with greater clarity at virtually any angle
  • Simple-to-set Controls requiring no elaborate procedure – just select, process and weld!
  • Industrial USB Port to quickly upload the latest software and retrieve information such as diagnostics and machine statistics
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Arc Control allows arc characteristics to be adjusted in stick and wire processes
  • Standard 14-Pin Receptacle with Auto-Remote Sense for simple connection of remote controls and wire feeders

Questions about the Pipepro 400? Call 800-767-0276 Mon through Sat 3pm

>> Download the Miller Big Blue 400 Spec Sheet <<

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